Top five Weekend treks close to Bangalore

Top five Weekend treks close to Bangalore

How much urban life can you take in at once?

You can only go to so many parties, eat so much food, and go shopping before you want for something more exciting. And you’ll be astonished by how much Bangalore has to offer in this category.

Quick Facts about Bangalore Trekking Locations

The distance between trekking locations: On the outskirts of Bangalore, there are numerous hiking paths between 50 and 340 kilometres

Are these trails safe? All of the places we’ve mentioned get a lot of visitors. However, as with all such destinations, you must take the necessary precautions and pay special attention to notifications issued by local authorities from time to time.

Bangalore has continually been a favoured vacation spot for process seekers and younger professionals. Below are five well-known hiking locations close to Bangalore, which must be explored with the aid of each fanatic with a fun-stuffed life in Bangalore. 

1. Kudremukh Trek, Chikmagalur – 332 km from Bangalore

The Kudremukh Trek explores the splendour of the Western Ghats and has many of the maximum scenic alternatives while hiking round Bangalore. This 22-kilometre trek to and from the summit of Karnataka’s third-maximum top takes you through the wooded area trails, gushing waterfalls, bamboo shrubbery, ultimately finishing in emerald hills, half-included in descending clouds. 

This slight stage trek begins off from Kudremukh Trek Base which may be without difficulty reached with the aid of using a jeep. There are numerous lovable streams and waterfalls wherein you may prevent yourself from revelling in a packed lunch and take a detour from hiking. Once you’re on the summit, you may revel in perspectives of the rolling inexperienced hills with a cup of espresso out of your flask and that is one of the great hiking locations close to Bangalore.

Distance: Kudremukh, Chikmagalur Trek is positioned at a distance of 332 km from Bangalore

Trek length: nine km.

Best Season: October to February

Difficulty: Medium

2. Nandi Hills – Tipu Sultan’s Summer Retreat

Located at an altitude of 1478 m, Nandi hills or Nandidurga is one of the most famous locations for hiking close to Bangalore. One can climb up 1,two hundred steps to attain the summer time season palace of Tipu Sultan positioned at the top. It is a mesmeric vicinity and gives breathtaking perspectives of the encircling hills and Amrita Sarovar. One can prepare for mountaineering and rappelling from Tipu’s Drop – a well-known rock outcrop of Nandi Hills.

Distance From Bangalore: 60 km

Difficulty stage: Easy to slight

Highlights: Most photogenic dawn from Tipu’s drop (a rocky outcrop)

Things to do: Paragliding, cycling, shopping.

3. Skandagiri – Every Trekking Pro’s Favourite

In Skandagiri, the trek begins off from Papagani Temple that may be without difficulty accessed from Bangalore, Nandi Hills, or Chikballapur town. One can discover caves withinside the whole stretch. This is a reasonably difficult trek and typically taken with the aid of using experts. Also referred to as Kalavara Durga, it is one of the most stunning hiking locations in Bangalore, mainly for night time hiking around Bangalore. Explorers making plans for avenue journeys from Bangalore will love this little piece of splendour.

Distance From Bangalore: sixty one km

Difficulty stage: Moderate

Highlights: Camping and hen watching

Fishing, bumper boats, and jet skiing are just a few of the activities available.

4. Anthargange – A Unique Karnataka Location

Volcanic rocks, boulders, caves, and small hillocks have made Anthargange one of the most often visited hiking locations around Bangalore. This path is a mixture of hiking and cave exploration. This is a 3-km lengthy adventure that takes you through difficult trails and a number of the maximum appropriate vistas. Considered to be one of the great locations for solo hiking close to Bangalore, the trek is of any clean stage and virtually scenic, which makes it one of the great treks close to Bangalore.

Distance From Bangalore: 70 km

Difficulty Level: Easy to slight

Highlights: Overnight tenting withinside the caves

Things to do: Caving, hiking, go to Someshwara temple

5. Savandurga Hill — Asia’s Most Massive Monolith

Savandurga, one of the most picturesque hiking destinations near Bangalore, is ideal for nature lovers and adventure seekers.. There are famous trails in Savandurga: Karigudda and Billigudda. This is a famous and difficult trek through the age-vintage castle of Kempe Gowda.

Distance From Bangalore: 70 km

Difficulty stage: Easy to slight

Highlights: One of the great locations to trek close to Bangalore throughout the night time

Things to do: Night trek, go to Manchanabele Dam, go to Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple


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