A triangular fort,Tikona Fort is located in Maval,Maharashtra.It blesses travelers with a great trekking experience due to the presence of sloping sides near Mumbai.Some sections are quite steep and the trekker has to lower his body to stay close to the surface.When you reach the top,you are greeted with a grand view of the Pavana river and other forts like Visapur and Lohagarh twin forts.All you have to do is go to Tikona Peth,located in Kamshet,and then start climbing.It will take you two hours to climb, another hour to the top,and then another hour to descend.Tikona Fort offers the perfect set-up for an adventurous one-day trek near Mumbai and attracts adrenaline junkies from all over the country.


Tandulwadi is a favorite destination for those wishing to go on a monsoon trek near Mumbai.At the time when the monsoon season is at its peak,Tandulwadi Fort creates a lot of adventure for the trekkers.There are gazillion trees here which do not allow trekkers to see even 10 feet ahead.Even the marks painted on the stones usually get washed away during the first rain.This place for trekking near Mumbai makes for an adventure-packed ride all but one experience that is hard to forget.Travelers reach Thane,then take a left turn towards Tandulwadi village and stop near Tandulwadi School.Then they can park there and start their trek.


Mahuli Fort is a famous one day trek near Mumbai.Located in Thane,the tall fort is the highest peak in the district.The fort is situated on top of a hill and faces the western part of the Sahyadri ranges.Once you reach the summit of the fort,you get a panoramic view of the dense,lush green forest below and just stand and watch each moment in peace.The top plateau on the fort is made up of three mountains.The fort comes under the jurisdiction of Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary.Your total trekking time It will take approximately 3 hours to reach the summit.


Naneghat is a serene mountain pass located in the Western Ghats.The Satavahanas used it as a trade route.Naneghat Trek is one of the best treks near Mumbai,especially for travelers who want to dive deep into the history of Maharashtra.When you set out to explore the untouched patches of nature during this trek,you have to walk on bumpy roads.With Naneghat Trek,you get the opportunity to trek amidst ancient sites that tell interesting tales of history.


Want to go on a monsoon hike on Sunday morning?Karnala Fort is one of the best treks near Mumbai for the same.It is a complete two-hour trek that provides an adrenaline-pumping experience to the trekkers. It’s perfect to beat the Monday blues the next morning.Imagine you are completely drenched in rain,that too amidst lush greenery with a splendid view of the Shiva temple and the ruins of Karnala Fort.The fort is a protected area inside the Karnala Bird Sanctuary,so don’t be surprised when you see amazing creatures on your way.Karnala Fort Trek is a popular option among those who wish to embark on one of the easier grade treks near Mumbai


The Lohagarh Fort Trek presents an attractive option for beginners to a one-day trek near Mumbai.It is an easy trail to follow in which you have to climb several steps.The trek makes for a thrilling experience for the travelers especially during the monsoon season as the region is draped in a vibrant green hue.Inside this trail you will also find a turn that will take you to Bhaja Caves.


Korigad Fort is considered as one of the best trekking places near Mumbai for first time travelers.The trek involves a few steps to reach the top after a walk of about 15 to 20 minutes.Korigad Fort Trek near Mumbai offers a trekking experience that is not physically taxing.The journey is very easy as the trekkers have to take the uphill steps.But,as they progress,they get the illusion that the inclination is getting faster and faster with the passage of time.The remains of the fort can still be seen along the way.Trekkers also get to see the old stone arches while staying here.When you reach the top,you see a flat table spread over a large area.You’ll also notice that the structure is surprisingly well preserved,along with some remains of water bodies,temples,ramparts,and other places on top,Such a setting makes it a wonderful place to escape your unique journey.Picture-perfect views of the valleys surrounding the area can be captured by walking for about 2 kilometers around the ramparts.Make sure you save some energy for this as well.


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