All About Guhantara Resort

All About Guhantara Resort


A home away from home? This might sound like baseless words, especially for cities like Bengaluru where getting a home in the very first place is a big thing. However, Bangalore is blessed with several beautiful and comfortable resorts which provide a great chance for recuperation for people.


Among many such resorts, a very famous one is the Guhantara Resort. The Guhantara resort is in Kaggalipura near Bangalore, Karnataka. This is a perfect place to interact with nature around a calm and composed surroundings.

The Guhantara resorts have a very different concept. Astonishingly, the Guhantara resorts have a cave-like atmosphere that was made keeping in mind the architecture and historical culture of Karnataka. Tourists who visit Guhantara can experience this beautiful cave-like experience.


The rooms in Guhantara are mostly divided into three categories. Guests in each room can live comfortably and at affordable prices.

The first kind of room is called the “Primitive” and it comes in the variation of double and single occupancy. Another such room type is called the “lithic” which costs a bit more than primitive and also has two variations but unlike primitive, lithic’s variation includes Lithic rooms and lithic suites where both of these are double occupancies and differ only on the grounds of the luxuries provided in which lithic suites has better luxuries and facilities and hence costs more.

The final type of room is the “Cave” suites. The cave suites also have two variations i.e., Unit 1 and Unit 2. The price of both the rooms is the same including all facilities and food arrangements as well. All the kinds of rooms in Guhantara are very spacious and beautiful. There is an ample number of facilities and nevertheless, all the rooms satisfy the price points that they are set in.


Guhantara isn’t just a place to stay but also provides several fun and thrilling activities that one can take part in and have a great time. The activities range from all kinds of adventure sports, etc and can be done in a group or as individuals. While a lot of people visit Guhantara as a getaway from their mundane lives, the fun activities help in rejuvenating a person. Following are the various range of fun activities that Guhantara Resorts offer:

1.  Bull Ride:  

Bull ride machines have been a rage in recent times. The bull ride machines are designed like bulls and are surrounded by inflated cushions that make the perimeter surrounding the bull. The machine moves forward and backward in a galloping action giving the rider a slight taste of the authentic Spanish bull ride that involves actual bulls.

The people fall when the speed increases and get up again and ride the bull and try to stay intact in the position. Guhantara resort has a bull ride machine that provides great thrill and fun to all the people staying there who want to do something adventurous. The bull ride is liked by old teens and adults and is keenly done by many tourists visiting Guhantara resorts.

2.  Snooker: 

Snooker is another very fun indoor game that Guhantara resorts offer. It is a “cue” sport which means it involves a cue to play the game. The cue is used to push colored and numbered balls in the six holes that are present in the snooker table which is covered with green cloth. Thus, the guests at Guhantara can enjoy the thrill of playing snooker with their friends and family.

3.  Quad Bike: 

Quad bikes are a variety of ATV motorcycles (All Terrain Vehicles). These bikes are often used as a means of recreation and fun on beaches and places with dirt and sand or dust hence they are often also called dirt bikes. Guhantara resorts also provide quad bike rides on their dirt track for people loving some dirt and quad biking.

4.  Rope walk: 

Guhantara resorts also provide recreational activities like rope walking to add to the serotonin levels of its guests seeking an adventurous vacation in their comfortable stay.

5.  Zorbing Ball: 

Zorbing ball is a recreational sport in which people put themselves in a transparent sphere normally made of plastic and roll down an uphill or inclined surface. Guhantara resorts also provide this activity of Zorbing ball to add fun and frolic for teens for them to have an enjoyable stay.

6.  Horse Riding: 

Guhantara also provides horses for horse riding enthusiasts in their resort perimeters under the strict supervision of an expert.

7.  Dance Floor/ Discotheque: 

Guhantara also takes care of its guests who like to dance and party. It has a beautiful cave and rock-themed discotheque and a big and spacious dance floor in the middle of it. The lighting and sound system of the discotheque are top-notch and are a must for every party animal and dance fanatics!

8.  Zipline: 

Guhantara resort even has a zipline for all its adventure enthusiastic guests. The guests are tied on a harness to a zipline and swung across the zip line from one point to another at a substantial height from the ground, basically hanging.!

9.  Bungee Trampoline: 

Guhantara Resorts also has a bungee trampoline for kids and teens for them to enjoy. The bungee cord is tied, and the kids can jump on the trampoline just to be pulled back by the bungee and jump again. What a fun activity!

10.   Fish spa:

 Guhantara resort also provides means for personal grooming and peace by providing fish spa services. In this, the feet of the guests are submerged in a small tank filled with small fishes who come near the feet and eat up the dead skin cells thus, cleaning the feet and giving immense pleasure in the process.


 The Guhantara resorts have several facilities mostly in the setting of caves thus adding beauty and elegance to the experience. The facilities include:

·        Spa

·        Swimming Pool

·        Restaurant

·        Bar

·        Conference Hall

·        Outdoor Sports

·        Presentation Room

·        Kids’ Play Area


Guhantara Resort is a very good choice for a vacation with family or friends a bit far away from the chaotic life in cities. Spending time amidst the cave rooms, doing fun activities, and enjoying the different facilities, one can surely forget all the worries and rejuvenate themselves in the best way possible. 


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