The naturally vibrant city of Bir Billing has a mystical connection with solo travellers.Every year this city is filled with many of them.Some are in search of adventure,some for peace and some are history buffs and the list goes on.There are good hostels available in Bir for comfortable stay.However,if you are traveling with a tight pocket,then this city offers you some cheap hostels and best hostels.Where you can make your stay worthwhile.


Welcome to Zostel Bir! Located in Bir,Zostel is renowned for its exquisite interiors.Offering you a safe stay at a reasonable price,a pool of travelers and activities make this place a must visit in your mind.Try a game of snooker,barbecue and snuggle up with a group of travelers to stare at at night.Its aim is to create a congenial place for the travellers.There is a lot here that you can enjoy,starting from the house shaped café of leaves,a stream ending in a pond,and a cozy little tree deck from where you can watch the beautiful sun go down.Sounds hardcore? Yes it is. As already mentioned,The interiors of the rooms are just eye opener,especially the glass walls will attract you more,Because you can show great through them.The cherry on top is the beautiful common room.Lockers for your belongings are available in every dorm room.Talk to people,be social, click pictures, be the happy snapper.They offer you a continental and a la carte breakfast option every morning.Now this is definitely one of the branded hostels in Bir.Book your room and meet other like-minded travelers here.


A peaceful home for travelers in the serene valley of Bir Billing.Bunker Bir is all about warm and comfy beds,a wonderful collection of books,meeting fellow nomads from all over the world,With whom you can have a great time creating some magical moments.Come to this place,sing together,laugh together,contemplate the mysteries of the universe,exchange ideas.And make it too beautiful to be real.Don’t miss out on checking out their specialty coffee (lovingly handcrafted).Trust us,you will be well taken care of,You just need to find your way for them. Undoubtedly one of the best backpackers


Situated in Bir,goStops is a cozy and chic hostel overlooking the spacious Dhauladhars and the Deer Park Institute at the back.Feel comfortable in the dorm room as you interact with other companions from around the world.Although,some people are not willing to give up their privacy,understandably,they can enjoy the help of WiFi facility throughout the hostel.Who doesn’t like long conversations over tea?Everyone does.Just sit back,grab a cup of tea and start your endless conversation.In the evening if you want to enjoy the sunset from the paragliding site or you want to shop in the local market,So you can walk not far from the hostel but on foot.You can also involve yourself in in-house activities.


A nice backpacker hostel surrounded by greenery,just 1 km away from the paragliding spot.They provide you dorm rooms with private rooms,Excitingly the beds in the rooms are made of best quality wood.From free Wi-Fi access and a 360-degree viewing gallery to some eye-catching wall paintings and artwork,Mustache has a lot to offer.Waiting for you in the hostel is the in-house café with super delicious food.Treat your taste buds here! There is a gorgeous green garden outside with plenty of sunshine.Where you can do yoga, exercise,or sunbathe in whatever way you feel like.and get peace of mind.Counted among the top rated hostels in Bir,visit it!


Hippostale Bir,located on Deer Park Road, is one such accommodation where you paint the moments red,making your life adrenaline-charged.Hippostale is a handcrafted boutique stay for travelers looking to make memories.If you are looking for a unique vacation,find your way to this hostel.From treehouses to hanging huts,the place is really creatively designed in traditional and ethnic Indian fashion.Here,the kitchen is hut-shaped, the artwork is completely traditional,the crafts are handmade,the garden is lush,and the space is open to play Indian games.Hands up if this sounds like a myth,which it certainly isn’t. Hipostel gives you a chance to meet such people.Whom you will never meet in your daily life.Call on You will definitely like this place.


Get out of this hostel and indulge in some classic board games,and relive the good old days.Trippy gives you a reading area where you can have trouble binge-reading books.Play PS4 games as if you are a 6th grade kid or go for the immortal carrom board game, the choice is yours.There are options with rooms;A super dorm room with mountain view or a super comfortable private room with a work space,choose your room right.If you are a movie buff or your love for cricket/football is constant,then keep your eyes on their projector screen (mini-theater).They have a multi-cuisine eatery.Where you quench your hunger and get some fresh air at night and gaze at the clear skies.


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