Online Shopping During the Pandemic: The Most Needful Guide

Covid-19, coronavirus, covid, these are the names of the pandemic that turned the world upside down; innumerable people passed away, thousands were hospitalized, kids, women, men, no one was spared, and the noise of ambulances filled every corner of the earth, the oxygen wasn’t enough, the medicines weren’t enough, science kept on searching for a remedy, a precaution, a vaccination, a medicine, relentlessly day and night. But this deadly wave took a lot of lives, shattered a lot of hearts, and gave trauma to a lot of minds. They became more serious about the hygiene altogether, and they developed courage in themselves. Humans were seen fighting for humans from a virus that’s not visible at first but can take away a life in a second, it was scary, and it was a nightmare. Thankfully things are settling down, and people are getting used to this lifestyle. 

During these times, doctors, police officers, nurses, etc., were all out there protecting people and pushing them to follow the guidelines, but how often do we think about the delivery guys who’ve made sure that the stuff we need to order online reaches us in time, as everyone was scared to get out of their houses in fear of contracting the virus. People bought little things like rakhi online or big things like air purifiers, etc. Online delivery services were the biggest relief to us during the pandemics—no matter the situation, its human nature to adapt to it. We, humans, still could find ways to keep ourselves happy and positive and also the others around us. We played games with each other, watched movies online, ordered food online, worked on our physical and mental well-being, spent quality and quantity time with our families, and reconnected with our friends even if on call, but we did, we started working on our hobbies again, we learned new hobbies, we read, we sang, we talked, and most importantly, we didn’t give up. 

Yes, online delivery services did make buying or sending things a lot easier, it was easy to send gifts to India, and it was easy to send gifts to anywhere in the world. But no matter what, shopping has been one of the favorite time passes for people worldwide. You may continue shopping online, but please be careful of certain things before buying stuff online during the pandemic. The point given below might be of great help to you the next time you decide to shop online:

  1. Trust is a Must: There are thousands of websites and mobile applications available these days on the internet, some of them are genuine, and some of them are frauds, be very careful while logging into a new site to buy stuff online. Don’t put your contact details and other personal information immediately. Reiki, through the entire website, try to find their page on social media, and look at their followers, posts, stories, and how legitimate they are. You need to be extra careful while putting in details for digital payment. 
  2. Quality Equality: Always, and always, test buy from a new site that you discover and the type of products available on it lure you, don’t go for shopping expensive or a lot of stuff from that particular website or mobile application, buy something small and less expensive, check their quality properly before ordering what you wanted to order in the first place. Please go through the reviews and comments people upload on their page or for them on Google or any other search engine of your choice.    
  1. Exclude the Experimentation: If your skincare products have finished, or you need to buy a few clothes for yourself during the pandemic, and you want to do all of this online, then don’t experiment from a new site. Do not experiment on a new site when what you’re ordering is of utter need to you in some way or the other. Trust your existing sites and brands, and get the needed stuff. You can try new sites and applications by test buying something small or cheap, but always remember that important things should be bought only from the trusted sites, not the new fancy ones that get flashed on your mobile screen. 
  1. Size Matters: While buying clothes online, the first thing you should do is go through their size chart; different brands have different interpretations for sizes; someone’s medium might be someone’s small, someone’s XL might be someone’s L, so you need to go through the size chart of any brand or website before ordering apparel from them. Especially lingerie, be very careful in choosing the right size, even foot-wears. 
  1. Money Honey: Don’t trust the quality of stuff that you’re thinking of buying online just because they’re expensive, and you feel the more expensive it is, the better its quality would be. That’s an absolute lie. Never trust a new site with expensive stuff on the very first go. Try ordering something small and less expensive, analyze it properly when you get it, and then re-order from the same site. Also, don’t fall into the trap of these ‘exclusive’ and ‘expensive’ items that these websites flash as ‘soon going out of stock.’ Chill, think, and then order. Don’t spend unnecessary money on a site you’ve never ordered from before just because you’re bored. Don’t get lured by sudden sales and discount offers. 

Online shopping is all fun and convenient. The good exists, but never forget that the bad exists too, be very careful while shopping online and keep these pointers in mind, as these would help you get aware of the scams and frauds going on in the name of online delivering businesses these days. Be careful about what to buy, how much, and from where. Only after you tick the tree boxes with green, go ahead and order whatever you like. 


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