How Do You Care For Your Galvanized Raised Garden Bed?

How Do You Care For Your Galvanized Raised Garden Bed?

Creating a raised garden bed using galvanized metal is a highly strong, durable, and reliable method. You will not have to be very careful about taking care of growing plants in a galvanized raised garden bed. There are, however, a few ways by which the garden bed framework can get easily damaged. Some of the ways by which the galvanized metal garden beds can be damaged are:

Presence Of Salt: 

Salt can cause the metal to get rusted quickly. So, keeping your raised garden bed away from salt content is a really good idea. This is going to elongate the lifespan of your raised garden bed.


Metals can get rusted very fast when they are exposed to acidic conditions. So, if the soil in your raised garden bed has a high content of acid, then it will not be a good idea to use that particular soil type for your raised garden bed. Instead, you should ensure that your soil has a neutral or basic pH. This kind of soil is ideal for galvanized metal garden beds.

High humidity: 

In case the humidity level of the soil is above 50%, galvanized metal can get corroded quickly. So, in areas having high humidity, having a galvanized metal garden bed is not the ideal choice for you. You can also develop corrugated metal planter box plans for your garden bed.

Mosses And Lichens: 

The presence of lichens and mosses do not directly affect the galvanized metal. However, moss buildup can easily retain moisture. This moisture can, in turn, affect your garden bed structure. Even though galvanization can prevent the metal from rusting, too much water content can cause damage to the garden bed. 

Watering Schedule

You need to be very particular about the watering schedule. Do not overwater your plants. Overwatering will not only cause massive damage to the roots of your plants and make them unhealthy, but it can also cause damage to the framework of your garden bed. Overwatering will allow the moisture content to build up, which will corrode the frame. Overwatering can also cause the development of mosses and lichens, which is again not good for the plants.

Applying Compost And Manure: 

You should never use unfinished compost and fresh manure for your raised garden bed. Unfinished compost that has not yet been fully decomposed will cause a lot of damage to the garden area. The same goes for the fresh manure as well. It is going to take a lot of time to decompose, which is going to increase the acidity of the soil. This can cause the galvanized metal to get exposed to acid, which will corrode the metal.

These are some of the ways by which you will be able to take care of the plants in your raised garden bed. Also, if you want to grow your plants in a Standard size L-Shaped Garden Bed, you may get in touch with us, and we will provide you with the details.


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